Top 5 OpenReaktor Talks of 2012

OpenReaktor, once a small monthly tech meetup held in a Warsaw-based mansion, gradually came out as a major IT event in Central & Eastern Europe gathering a crowd of startups, investors, IT professionals and representatives of major IT companies like Microsoft, IBM, Facebook or Google.


I’m very proud to be a part of this venture and I would like to use this post to promote five very best OpenReaktor talks of 2012, stuff you basically can’t miss. Without further ado, here they come, in the reverse order!

5. “Why Best Polish IT Students Don’t Do Startups… And How To Fix It
by Agnieszka Skala from Startup Weekend Next
A lecturer at SPIN Szkoła Przedsiębiorczości Innovation Nest, Warsaw Technical University and organizer of Startup Weekend NEXT, talks about what should be done to convince more brilliant Polish students to choose the entrepreneurial path. Applies to all European countries, not just Poland!

4. The Next Big Thing
by John Biggs of TechCrunch NY
Learn why: you should not build another social or subscription commerce startup, you should stay away from cloning Groupon, you should build wearable electronics and 3d printing startups that will make a difference. Also don’t forget that gamification is dead, and Polish beer Ciechan rocks!

3. Effective English for CEE startups
by Brenden Arakaki of
Brenden shares his thoughts on effective English communication for non-native speakers in a professional setting. He looks at some examples of common mistakes made by native Europeans, and suggests what entrepreneurs and startups can do to build better communication.

2. How Facebook Builds Facebook
by Simon Cross of Facebook Europe
Head of Facebook’s developer advocacy team in Europe talks geek to geeks about new possibilities for developers to leverage OpenGraph to get better traction and more social buzz, revealing some fascinating facts about how Facebook builds Facebook (the website and the platform) and how day to day development at FB works.

1. How to get angel investment from the US
by Jerry Colonna of Flatiron Partners fame
The famous business angel turned mentor involves the whole audience into a conversation about the European startup scene and reveals the secret sauce needed to grab angel investment from the US. Entertaining and educational! (and thank Paweł for bringing the second mic in 18′, we could hear the audience much better since that :>)

Hope you enjoyed it!

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