I read 2011 is the year the check-in died. RWW had a piece on it recently (read the story here:

Well, that’s more or less bullshit.

Location-based check-ins like Foursquare might be slowing down and it may turn out new general check-in services won’t be successful but I believe FSQR is there to stay for a long time – if only it can really turn into being a check-in and recommendation tool, not just an “I’m here people” tool.

Same goes for media check-ins (sites like GetGlue, Miso or our Filmaster) – if you check-in only to tell your friends you’re watching a film or reading a book, that may get boring pretty soon. But if you’re getting something extra like current local movie suggestions or TV recommendations or being able to hook us with cool people living nearby, with similar interests, that’s added value that can’t be overlooked!

Check-in is like a Facebook’s LIKE. By itself, it doesn’t have a big value, but when you look at it globally, analyze the inter-connections and provide users with useful output, amazing possibilities emerge.

So, check-in is not dead. It’s here to stay as a must-have feature in more complex recommendation services. And it has a bright future.

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