Net Censorship in Poland postponed

Yesterday, Polish prime minister, Donald Tusk, met with blogger and members of multiple NGOs to discuss his government's plans to implement Internet filtering which he invented in order to "fight crime online".

The meeting took 3 hours and the representative of Grupa Jakilinux, the organization behind the latest protests, Daniel Koć ( was there among with representatives of Internet Society Poland, Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights and many more.


Daniel Koć (photo by Jan Rychter)

You can read Daniel's report in Polish here:

And here is an article by Marcin Sobczyk about the event:

The good thing is that the plans to filter the Internet and break net neutrality in Poland have been postponed and Tusk promised to engage all interested parties in the process of revising the new law. The bad thing is that the plans to somehow filter the net haven't been dropped and we have a long way to go now if we want to keep the Polish Internet free.