The Rise Of Polish Startups

When we raised a seed round for Filmaster from a German fund HackFwd in Spring of 2011, we were one of the first Polish startups to work with a foreign investor. Traditionally, Web companies in Poland were focused on the local market of 40 million people, which seemed big enough to scale their business.

Big European and US­-based VCs, however, were not impressed. They looked for startups with global ambitions, something the Polish ones lacked. Three years later and Poland has got a number of well-­funded startups disrupting global markets. What the hell happened?

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3 Lessons Learned From Selling Tech To Corporate Customers

TL;DR: Don’t sell tech to corporate customers.


Getting proper traction for a b2b solution is way different from growth hacking a consumer service. After a year and a half of struggling to sell our personalization and analytics technologies to corporate customers in the entertainment industry, I’d like to share with you the three main lessons we as a team learned in the process. I really wish it was 5 or 10 as they make better headlines but shit what can I say, I only have three for you.

Matcha and the Failure of Consumer Movie Discovery Startups

Matcha.TV just got bought by Apple for $1.5m. Never heard of them? Not surprising. It is (was) one of the many TV and movie discovery startups which planned to secretly take over the second screen by offering personalized recommendations to consumers only to find out no one needs such a thing.