Borys Musielak


Investor, entrepreneur, geek and film buff.  I help startup founders grow from an idea to first funding via ReaktorX acceleration program and invest in early stage startups via SMOK Ventures. I support free software movement. I love art-house cinema. I’m a basketball fan and an amateur player.

Full story:

Since 2002 I worked as a consultant, programmer and team leader for both for startups and large corporations in Poland, Germany and United Kingdom. In 2007 I founded a news site that quickly became one of the Polish leaders of citizen journalism. Filmaster was my second venture which I sold in 2015 to Silicon Valley based Samba TV. In the meantime I also co-founded ReaktorX, a remote-first startup acceleration program, and Startup Poland, a foundation lobbying for better conditions of developing startups in Poland.

I live in Warsaw, Poland. I’m always trying to help fellow founders and sometimes take an advisor role in startups that I fall in love with. Just keep in mind that I focus on the startups from ReaktorX acceleration program and investing via SMOK Ventures.

If you’re interested in what I’m working of right now and watch this video:

Connect with me:

  • I’m an active Twitter user @michuk. You can also connect with me via Facebook, and Linkedin.
  • You can e-mail me at: (private stuff) or (work-related) or Signal me at +48 795 158 581, but please use email wherever possible. I’m much better in responding to email than phone calls, here is why.
  • Feel free to book a 15-minute (strict!) introductory meeting with me via – I reserve four slots a week for those calls to enable those who failed to contact me in other ways to still be able to connect.