Entrepreneur, geek and film buff. Founder of Filmaster (acquired by Samba TV), Startup Poland, ReaktorWarsaw. I help startup founders grow from an idea to first funding via ReaktorX acceleration program. I support free software movement. I’m a basketball fan and an amateur player. I’m into art cinema. My favorite movies are “Ed Wood”, “Dead Man” and “Wrestler”.

Full story:

Since 2002 I worked as a consultant, programmer and team leader for both for startups and large corporations in Poland, Germany and United Kingdom. In 2007 I founded a news site OSnews.pl that quickly became one of the Polish leaders of citizen journalism. Filmaster (now part of Samba TV) was my second venture. In the meantime I also co-founded Reaktor, a Warsaw-based startup mansion and startup accelerator, and Startup Poland, a pro-startup lobby group.

I live in Warsaw, Poland. If you’d like to talk with me about your startup, please schedule Open Office Hours time with me in Reaktor. I’m always trying to help fellow founders and sometimes take an advisor role in startups that I fall in love with. Just keep in mind that I focus on the startups from ReaktorX acceleration program.

If you’re interested in what I’m working on right now, watch this video:

Connect with me:

I’m an active Twitter user @michuk. You can also connect with me via Facebook, and Linkedin. You can always e-mail me at: borys@musielak.eu or whatsapp me at +48 795 158 581, but please use email wherever possible. I’m much better responding to email than phone calls, here is why.